Improve Safety and Reliability with Quality Battery Components and Assemblies

The battery industry follows rigorous production standards. These include safety and quality controls for how batteries are handled, to protect the end user from any potential harm. Component materials need to be corrosion and heat resistant as well as maintain the ability to perform safely under a wide variety of environmental and manufacturing conditions. Therefore, original equipment manufacturers of battery equipment must partner with suppliers who understand these needs.

At Vulcan Industries Corporation, we produce high-quality battery components. With the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation for precision metal stampings and assemblies, battery component manufacturers are assured of the high-quality standards we follow. Customers rely on the expertise available within the Vulcan team to reduce their time to market and improve their bottom line. Partner with us to find new ways to expand your product line in a cost-effective manner.


Our Battery Component Manufacturing Competencies

At Vulcan Industries, our core skills include precision metal stamping, tube forming, fabrication, assembly, and finishing of battery parts. We also undertake the production of fine, miniature, precision parts from difficult-to-form materials. Vulcan’s capabilities extend to battery components and equipment, including:

• Copper busbars

• Current collectors, copper, and aluminum

• Busbar assembly modules, non-conductive

• Welded sub-assemblies

• Various parts found in electric vehicle charging stations

• Connectors and fuse components

Battery and Energy Distribution OEM’s rely on our full-service solutions to reduce their time to market. In addition to manufacturing, assembly, and delivery, we also manage raw material suppliers, control inventory, and source components for you. In doing so, we improve quality and ensure we get you the right parts. Consistent quality and strict adherence to battery industry standards have helped us maintain a strong reputation as a reliable manufacturer of battery-related assemblies.

Continuing Focus on Quality

Total quality management systems ensure the traceability of components down to each production batch. All materials are sourced from credible suppliers and certificates of compliance are available upon request. Production runs are closely monitored. First-off and last-off quality control measures ensure consistent products. Reject rates for our solutions are among the lowest in the industry.

Key benefits of this quality control system include:

• ISO 9001:2015 accreditation

• Compliance with OEM and battery equipment standards

World-class PPM rate

• Material and environment certifications

• Continual improvement

• Sustainability processes

• Strong sense of urgency

We continually refine our processes to reduce costs and increase throughput. By leveraging this top quality management system, we quickly respond to changing requirements from customers.

The Benefits of Working with Vulcan Industries

Vulcan Industries has years of experience manufacturing components for the battery and energy industries. As many battery-compatible materials are difficult to work with, we have developed techniques to ease manufacturing, maintain tolerance, and achieve the desired finish.

Specific advantages of working with Vulcan Industries include:

• Faster time-to-market

• Cost reduction through continuous improvement

• Management of material sourcing and inventory control

• On time delivery

• Delivery of exact quantity ordered

• Low defect rates

• High quality

• Consistency

At Vulcan Industries, we work tirelessly to resolve all technical issues and complications, producing the battery components and assemblies you need, when you need them.


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