Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping

Vulcan Industries provides metal stampings and assemblies for some of America’s most successful and diverse original equipment manufacturers. Our design and engineering team works with you throughout the design, quoting, production, assembly, inspection, packaging, and shipping process to ensure that we meet your requirements.

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What is Metal Stamping?

Metal stamping is a cost-effective process for manufacturing parts that require medium to high production volumes. The use of precision tooling ensures minimal dimensional variation during production resulting in high-quality parts.

We use a variety of processes based on a number of factors;

• Part shape - The complexity of the part along with the material thickness, part tolerances and the number of operations required, often dictate the best manufacturing approach.

• Stamping materials - We process a wide range of materials including cold and hot rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and other specialty alloys. Material thickness can range from 0.003” up to 0.312”.

• Tooling - We have the capability to design and build progressive dies for high-volume production parts. In addition, we offer single and multi-stage tools using manual and automated part transfer systems.

Metal Stamping - One of our Core Competencies.

Metal Stamping - One of our Core Competencies.

Metal Stamping - One of our Core Competencies. Our computerized scheduling and job monitoring, along with state-of-the-art die protection and press controls, enable us to produce quality parts that virtually eliminate the need for your incoming inspection.

Progressive and Stage Tooling

Progressive and Stage Tooling

Progressive and Stage Tooling. Vulcan Industries provides progressive and stage tooling including
Stamp, Blank, Form, Draw, Lamination, Tapping and Assembly.

Metal Stamping - One of our Core Competencies

Metal Stamping - One of our Core Competencies

Metal Stamping - One of our Core Competencies. We are a preferred metal stamping provider with companies in major industries, such as motorcycle and recreational vehicle manufacturing, power transmission, compressor and pump manufacturing, power tools, and other industrial markets.

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Technical Support Capabilities


Our technical support capabilities are a cornerstone of our success. We employ the most highly skilled engineers in the business with experience in all aspects of precision metal stampings, tool design and secondary processes. Each project is carefully analyzed to identify the critical factors for successful production to ensure we fully understand what needs to be done and how it should be done.

Vulcan Industries’ technical capabilities include:

• Design software - We use AutoCAD Mechanical and Solid Works. Our tool designers are experienced in the design of single, multistage and progressive tools.

• Design review - Design reviews are performed on all metal stampings to ensure that the part can be successfully manufactured. Collaborative design reviews results in lower customer costs, ease of manufacturing and seamless assembly.

• Tooling - We design and manufacture 95% of tooling in-house. Particular attention is given to features such as part accuracy, repeatability, reliability and tool life. Our team of skilled tool and die makers build, service and maintain all tooling.

• Problem solving - A project manager is responsible for monitoring production and resolving problems, whether in-house or with component suppliers. This ensures parts are correct and delivered on time.

• Continuous improvement - We continually seek ways to improve processes, reduce waste and, through lean manufacturing techniques, reduce overall costs.

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