Metal Stamping

Vulcan industries provides complex, custom metal stampings for some of America’s most successful OEM´s

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Metal Tube Forming

Tube neck folding, tube flaring, tube bulging, sizing, tube piercing & trimming

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Assembly, packaging and fulfillment management of your finished parts

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Why Vulcan Industries Corporation?


Since 1947, we have built our reputation on manufacturing expertise, quality and Customer service.

Manufacturing expertise – For over 70-years we’ve utilized our manufacturing experience to develop new products and processes for a variety of OEM Companies.  Using the design for manufacturing techniques along with the latest in tool design and automation, we develop cost-effective processes that allow us to compete worldwide.

Quality – Customers rely on our ability to deliver quality products on time, all the time, even when changing requirements occur. Our culture requires quality in all aspects of the Company’s operations, with processes being done right the first time, resulting in the elimination of waste and defects.

Engineering and Design – We identify ways to reduce costs and improve quality early in the product development phase. All tooling in production is designed and built in-house. In addition, we offer our customers complete design, engineering, and technical support for the lifetime of their parts.

Customer Service – The foundation of our corporate culture is based on the idea that personal responsibility and accountability are critical to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Many of our highly skilled, dedicated staff have been with us 15+ years and each employee feels they are accountable for how well the company performs.

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