Metal Tube Forming

Metal Tube Forming

Vulcan Industries provides metal tube end forming for some of America’s most successful and diverse original equipment manufacturers. Metal tube end forming is one method used to add features to the end(s) of tubing to meet the overall design and application of the tube. For example, end forming is necessary for creating a connection to another component or a close fit, such as for fluid-handling systems. Tube end forming can create enhanced tube strength, improvements to connectivity, and increased sealing capabilities.

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Tube End Forming Shapes

With our precise equipment and knowledgeable staff, unique tube forms are not a challenge for Vulcan Industries. We form tubes into a variety of end shapes such as flaring, flange, reductions, expansions, beading, sizing and rounded roll over.

Tube Forming Process

Tube forming at Vulcan Industries is accomplished using cold forming techniques. In high volume production, using a shearing process, parts are cut to the required length from 20-foot random. Parts are automatically fed into mechanical presses using a vibratory feed system that transfers tube blanks into a die mounted magazine. Using a slide feed system, parts are transferred into a cold forming die to swage the desired shape into the tube. Once formed, the parts are automatically ejected from the die without interruption to a continuous press stroke, resulting in a high-volume of parts, produced with great efficiency. Lower to moderate production parts that do not justify a higher capital investment can use dedicated tooling that requires a press operator to manually load parts. This process offers the ability to produce simple to complex shapes using multiple cold forming stations to achieve a cost-effective piece part. Cold forming offers an effective means to create a variety of shapes to exacting standards. Applications from industrial to cosmetic can be satisfied using cold-formed tubes. Customer-defined features often times replace costly fittings and offer cost reduction benefits.


• Tube diameters from Ø.38” to Ø2.50” and larger can be cold formed.

• Tube thickness range from 0.020” wall to 0.12” wall.


• Commercially available metallic tubing such as carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminum can be formed into a variety of end shapes.

Precision Tube Forming at a Competitive Price

Vulcan Industries utilizes a high-speed scrap-less cutoff machine which allows us to create these precision tube forms at a competitive price. Since we complete all forming operations in-house, lead-time and costs are significantly reduced. With advanced equipment and extensive experience in crafting complex and unique tube forms, we can produce parts at a higher rate than many conventional tube end forming companies.

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