Precision Metal Stampings for the Electrical and Electronics Industries

The electrical and electronics industries have unique needs and challenges. Typical examples include baseplates, laminations, housings, contact arms, fittings, and electrical solenoids that must be tough, robust, and reliable. Vulcan Industries Corporation ensures optimal quality and accuracy while keeping your cost to a minimum. Since 1947, we have continually demonstrated our unique ability to meet the most demanding specifications and timelines.


We provide a wide range of complex metal products for the electrical, electronics and power distribution sectors.  These include:


 Current interchange collectors




 Bus bars

 Distribution switch gear

We have experience working with a range of materials, including those specific to the electrical and electronic industries, such as:

 Mill hard or post-heat-treated beryllium copper

 Phosphor bronze and a wide array of high-performance alloys

 Aluminum-clad copper

 Custom-shaped wire

 Material thickness ranging from .0015 inches to greater than 0.125 inches

Manufacturers take advantage of our turnkey services which include sourcing materials and the right parts for component assemblies to ensure quality and cost-efficiency.

One-Stop Metal Stamping Service for Electrical Components and Assemblies

With years of familiarity and expertise dealing with electric components and switch gear, we fully understand and fulfill the specific requirements of customers in this industry. As a Tier 1 OEM supplier, we can easily tackle any task, whether it is the high-volume production of precision, electrical contacts, or the stamping of power distribution components.
We offer a one-stop service where we source raw materials and components, manufacture and finish in-house, and assemble items into complete assemblies. At the same time, we also guarantee the quality, low-defect rates, and on-time delivery of the right quantity to your production lines, thus saving you time and money.

Advanced Tooling Methods for Accuracy and Cost-Efficiency

Quality, dimensional accuracy, repeatability, strength, finish, and low cost, make precision metal stampings the ideal choice for the electrical and electronic industries. Additionally, using progressive tooling, it is possible to create complex parts in a single operation, saving time and money. At Vulcan Industries, we design and manufacture 95% of tooling in-house for customers. We are equipped with advanced metal stamping technology and prototyping capabilities; the key factors responsible for our industry-leading position as an elite OEM supplier.

Complying with ISO 9001:2015 and Industry Standards

The electronic and electrical industries have stringent standards that dictate functionality under a wide range of extreme environments. Equipment must be able to run hot, cold, and tolerate high levels of humidity. At Vulcan Industries, we accommodate industry-specific requirements into our manufacturing process to ensure error-free compliance. Consistent on-time delivery and extremely low defect rates demonstrate these capabilities. Our quality management system complies fully with ISO 9001:2015.

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