Get the essential services and support needed to successfully launch your projects.

Working with customers on new projects provides the opportunity for us to present manufacturing solutions like prototyping and tooling.

This design for manufacturing approach takes advantage of the most robust processes that design quality into your product to meet your design objectives.

Key Benefits

• Short lead times

• Simple parts welded together are cheaper than complex stampings or castings

• Welded stampings can replace expensive machined parts

• Reduced components and assembly operations

New Product Launch

Need help engineering the perfect product? Our innovative engineers design creative solutions to complex problems.

Concurrent Engineering

Vulcan Industries can save time and money regardless of the current production status of a given part. However, when we have an opportunity to participate in the initial product development Vulcan Industries provides innovative solutions to minimize your overall cost. Our concurrent engineering input can help you make better decisions about design for manufacturability, mistake proofing, and targeting key dimensions for control.

Engineering Support

Vulcan Industries is committed to continuous improvement, waste elimination, and understanding each customer’s expectations. Our Engineering group, employees and suppliers are dedicated to providing the best possible products and services putting your requirements first and foremost.

Schedule a Free Engineering Part Review

In the early stages of product development? Schedule a free consultation with one of our design experts and let’s talk about how we can identify ways to cut costs and prevent mistakes early on in the stages of product development.

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