Improve Operational Efficiency with Reliable Medical Equipment and Components

Industries Served: Medical

Components made for medical equipment must meet ever-changing regulatory standards for quality and reliability. Conforming to industry requirements with respect to device use and its potential for harm, it is critical to use benign and corrosion-resistant materials. Partnering with experienced medical component suppliers gives equipment manufacturers peace of mind.

At Vulcan Industries, we have maintained a reputation for producing the finest medical components. With quality engineering, precision metal stampings and assemblies by our team conform to or exceed industry requirements. We have earned the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation for precision metal stampings and assemblies, thus assuring medical component and medical cart manufacturers of the best quality at the best price. Talk to the experienced metal fabrication team at Vulcan about your manufacturing challenges. We are happy to design a custom service solution that will save you time and money.

Advanced Medical Equipment Manufacturing Capabilities

Vulcan Industries’ core skills include precision metal stamping, tube forming, fabrication, assembly, and finishing of medical parts manufactured from materials that are difficult to form. Leading medical equipment manufacturers rely on us for:

  • Stainless steel tube piercing and forming for syringe applications
  • Axial formed stainless steel tubing for laparoscopic devices
  • Diverse components including, wheels and medical drawers
  • And more

Having worked with medical and pharmaceutical OEMs for decades, we have the progressive knowledge to meet your requirements in a cost-effective manner. Take advantage of one-stop services to reduce manufacturing delays and compliance issues. From sourcing raw materials to component prototyping, volume production and inventory management, we offer a single source to manage your entire project. In doing so, we improve quality, secure your complete satisfaction, and maintain an enviable reputation as a reliable medical equipment manufacturer.

Compliance with OEM and Medical Equipment Standards

A total quality management system ensures traceability of components down to each production batch. All materials are fully certified and material certificates provided upon request. Closely-monitored production runs with first-off and last-off quality control measures ensure a consistent product. Our reject rates are among the lowest in the industry.

Key benefits of this quality control system include:

  • ISO 9001:2015 accreditation
  • Compliance with OEM and medical equipment standards
  • Better than 4 ppm reject rate
  • Material and environment certifications
  • Continuous improvement

We quickly respond to changing requirements from customers and are known for timely deliveries that help you manage and maintain your production schedules.

We Can Help You Reduce Cost and Time to Market

Vulcan Industries has years of experience manufacturing components for medical equipment. We have developed proven, cost-effective techniques to ease manufacturing, maintain tolerance, and achieve the desired finish. Through continuous improvement, we help you achieve the important goals of enhanced production, improved consistency, waste elimination, and reduced cost.

Vulcan Industries offers important benefits to customers, including:

  • High quality
  • Faster time to market
  • Management of material sourcing and inventory control
  • On time delivery
  • Delivery of exact quantity ordered
  • Low defect rates
  • Cost reduction

We combine years of experience with advanced technology and lean manufacturing processes to produce high-quality, low-cost medical equipment components

Contact Vulcan Industries for a free part review today and see the difference a quality supplier can make to your position in the industry and your profitability as a medical equipment manufacturer.