Assembly Services

Full Assembly Services

Vulcan Industries Corporation has the capabilities in place to provide original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) with full component assembly service.

Apart from the assembly of components we manufacture, we have the ability to manage procurement of components from other suppliers as well. In this way, we are able to manage the entire assembly process including:
  • Raw material sourcing
  • Component procurement
  • Part manufacturing
  • Component assembly
  • Supplier management
  • Part tracking
  • Quality control
  • Just-in-Time delivery
  • Fast turnaround

Vulcan Industries Assembly Services

Using lean manufacturing techniques, our primary goal is to reduce your costs and deliver exceptional service while managing the assembly of components on your behalf.

We achieve this through:

  • A careful analysis of the assembly process
  • Effective management of the supply chain
  • The adoption of lean management techniques that reduce waste
Rotational vehicle lighting assembly

Rotational vehicle lighting assembly. Most components on this assembly were manufactured at Vulcan Industries - we in turn assembled and function tested the product.

Key Features of our Assembly Services Include:

  • Lean manufacturing approach: Before beginning component assembly, we analyze the process to identify the most efficient way to assemble and manufacture the part. In this way, we take out the fat and give you the best possible price.

  • Flexible production volumes: We have the capacity to ramp up production to meet your needs. Unlike other companies, we don’t have rigid requirements leaving our customers high and dry. Our lean processes allow us to be flexible, highly reactive, and responsive to customer needs. We treat every request with a sense of urgency – this rapid response time is built into our company culture.

  • World class turnaround time: Depending on product complexity, we aim for a two to three day cycle. Complex assemblies with long lead times may take up to a week. Our assembly processes are carefully planned, scheduled and executed to ensure we are synchronized with your production program.

  • Post-assembly inspection: We always incorporate inspection and verification methods as part of our assembly processes. Standard tests include dimensional verification, electrical insulation tests (hipot) and continuity testing for electrical components. We are able to perform vacuum pressure decay tests to verify the integrity of sealed components. We can also incorporate any additional inspections and tests, as required by our customers.
Rotational vehicle lighting assembly

Rotational vehicle lighting assembly

Industries Served

At Vulcan Industries, our expertise in metal stamping, secondary manufacturing processes and component assembly is widely respected. We supply a wide range of industries including those that demand exceptional, high-quality standards. We are a Tier One supplier to numerous OEMs.

Industries we supply include:

  • Automotive: We supply parts to a number of leading automotive companies including Harley-Davidson, Indian and Yamaha. We also provide components to vehicle and trailer manufacturers.

  • Electrical power generation, transmission and distribution: Our range of electrical equipment components include parts and assemblies for Eaton and Johnson controls.

  • Medical equipment: Vulcan manufactures numerous high-quality medical products, vacuum pump and compressor components that comply with stringent medical equipment requirements.

  • Hand tools: We manufacture and assemble hand tools for companies like Snap-On.

  • Recreation: We manufacture components for the recreational and power sports industry.

  • Metal furniture: Examples include seating components and assemblies.

  • Industrial machinery: We manufacture a wide range of components for industrial machinery.

  • Retail: We manufacture, assemble, package and ship finished goods to distributors for immediate sale.
CASE STUDY: View this prototype and assembly case study to see how we helped a customer overcome obstacles that were resulting in poor quality with excessive rework and higher cost.

Superior Part Tracking and Compliance

A key aspect of manufacturing is the ability to track parts and ensure compliance with manufacturing standards. This includes both in-house standards as well as compliance with mandatory industry standards.

This type of fundamental compliance is incorporated within the company's ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. At Vulcan Industries, all quality systems are certified to the appropriate standard, all processes are fully documented, and all employees are rigorously trained.

In other words, we take quality, compliance and accountability very seriously.

To meet these rigid requirements:

  • We employ statistical process controls to ensure ongoing compliance.
  • Process capability is continually assessed to ensure compliance.
  • We use physical gauges to ensure dimensional tolerances are correct.
  • Our inspection requirements ensure processes remain within customer specifications.

Leave the Hassle of Supplier Management to Us

A crucial part of component assembly is supplier management. This ensures components we receive conform to specifications. Each supplier is rigorously assessed to see how they handle their procurement and manufacturing processes. We inspect suppliers' facilities along with their quality management systems to ensure they conform to certification requirements.

When suppliers experience difficulties, we work with them to quickly correct issues as they arise. Unlike many companies, we choose to maintain a close relationship with all suppliers to not only ensure quality, but also to guarantee our assemblies conform to your requirements.

Warehousing: Just-in-Time

Vulcan Industries utilizes lean manufacturing. Components we produce are manufactured in accordance with JIT (Just-in-Time) principles. This means we assemble and deliver components according to your production plans. Requiring close cooperation, JIT manufacturing processes:

  • Minimizes waste
  • Decreases costs
  • Reduces inventory

Although we may hold stock of completed parts, our focus is to ensure we have sufficient raw materials available to manufacture assemblies as required. When single-piece flow is not practical, we have processes in place to preserve product.

Exceptional Post-Assembly Support

In addition to the comprehensive customer support we provide from start to finish, we are also available to resolve any post-assembly issues. Post-assembly issues might include:

  • Part redesign
  • Modification
  • Quality records
  • Process variation

No matter what is required, we respond immediately. There is no limit to the level of customer support we deliver, even when the problem is a result of defects in parts supplied by other manufacturers.

Prototype Assembly Projects

Prototyping is an important element of manufacturing. When necessary, various prototypes can be built to optimize solutions, often to vet design iterations and manufacturing methods. At Vulcan Industries, we offer a full prototyping service. This service is freely available to customers in instances where we can envision manufacturing the part in our facility.


Vulcan Industries’ quality management system is ISO 9001:2008 certified. We maintain all necessary manufacturing certifications and adhere to applicable environmental and sustainability regulations. Our engineering staff is fully qualified, as are our journeymen tool and die makers. In line with our focus on lean manufacturing, several employees hold green belts. Full details of our certifications can be provided upon request.
Electrical component assembly prototyped, manufactured and tested
Electrical component assembly prototyped, manufactured and tested


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