Tube End Forming Services

Metal Tube Forming Services

If you're searching for professional tube fabrication services, it’s easy to get lost among the many variations of similar terms if this is not your area of expertise. You might confuse “Tube Forming” with “Tube Bending”, assuming they are interchangeable, but the two methods are completely different.

While tube bending is typically used to create the overall shape of a tube, metal tube end forming is used to add features to the end(s) of tubing. This precision is used to design the overall application of the tube, and a variety of shapes can be utilized at the end of a part to achieve its purpose.

Precision Tube Forming at a Competitive Price

Tube end forms are required for many applications. For example, end forming is necessary for creating a connection to another component or a close fit, such as for fluid-handling systems. Tube end forming takes place in the later phases of the manufacturing process. Once the tube stock gets cut to length through methods like sawing, shearing, disc cutting, lathe cutting, or laser cutting, tube end forming takes place.

Like many metal tube forming manufacturers, Vulcan Industries can form shapes such as flaring, up-setting, neck folding, swaging, bulging, and bead rolling.

But unlike many manufacturers, our high-speed scrap-less cutoff machine allows us to create these precision tube forms at a competitive price. Since we complete all forming operations in-house, lead-time and costs are significantly reduced. With advanced equipment and extensive experience crafting complex and unique tube forms, we can produce parts at a higher rate than many conventional tube end forming companies.

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Experts in Unique and Challenging Tube End Forming

Since 1947, Vulcan Industries has manufactured precision tolerance metal components for some of America’s most successful and diverse original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

With our precise equipment and knowledgeable staff, unique tube forms are not a challenge for Vulcan Industries. Our high-speed scrap-less cutoff machine provides burr-free precision blanks for manual and automatic end forming equipment.

Tube End Forming Materials

We work with a variety of materials including carbon steel, brass, aluminum and much more. Vulcan Industries can form pipes into a variety of end shapes such as:

  • Flaring
  • Up-setting
  • Neck folding
  • Swaging
  • Bulging
  • Bead rolling

Tube end forming can create enhanced tube strength, improvements to connectivity, and increased sealing capabilities. Vulcan Industries utilizes advanced factory processes to ensure efficiency including lean manufacturing and a “manufacturing supermarket.” In other words, we have several materials “on the shelves” at all times, allowing for increased efficiency and shorter lead times.

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Lead Times

Lead times vary depending on materials and other factors. We design systems and processes based on customer needs and requirements. For non-repeating orders, lead times can be anywhere from one day to several weeks. Repeat orders can have even shorter lead times.

Drawing File Formats

We work with many drawing file formats including STEP or IGES files, native Pro/E files, and any native files in SOLIDWORKS or AutoCAD.

Of course, all finished projects are rigorously tested using any requirements necessary for each project. We use conventional metrology methods, vision systems, continuity checks, hipot testing, function testing for electrical, and continuity in a circuit. Additional testing procedures may be employed as the customer dictates.

Quality Processes and Certifications

Quality systems are certified to ISO 2001:2015. We are also compliant with international material standards and NAFTA. Vulcan Industries adheres to all standard environmental and sustainability regulations and practices. We are constantly working to reduce energy consumption and other environmental impacts.

Since 1947, we’ve worked within specifications from a variety of OEMS to develop and manufacturer tube end forms for a wide variety of project applications and industries. Projects we frequently engage in include tube forming for:

  • Covers and seals
  • Medical equipment
  • Power tools
  • Electrical distribution
  • Engine components
  • Fluid transmission
  • Air compressor pump components

In addition to tube forming, we also offer a range of assembly and metal stamping services to meet all your manufacturing needs. We are a single source solution for OEMs who need a turn-key, hassle-free manufacturer.

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